Product Catalogue & Sales

Product Catalogue

The system has now a product and inventory management which allows retail and member sales.

The system allows product creations including variants with options.
For example you can create a product “T-Shirt” and then setup options size (s ,m, l) and color(red, blue) and this creates all variants which you can then sell at different prices and track inventory numbers.

Product setup is done by an owner, but trainers have access to the product catalogue to be able to “sell” the products to your members.

Self Service QR Code Sales

If you are currently selling drinks to members and have to either collect money or even handle a separate list you are wasting a lot of time you could be coaching.

Every product variant can be sold using a QR code which is generated by the system.
The member can use their smartphone camera and scan the QR code which either leads to the website where they have to login to confirm the payment.
Using the mobile apps to scan the QR codes is possible too.

One scenario where the QR Code comes in very handy is by placing them on a fridge to allow members directly scan the QR Codes and create payments in their contracts.
If you need someone to hand out the goods, then a confirmation on the mobile can be used for verification.

Direct Cash Sales for products

Using the product catalogue not only allows you to you show a QR Code to a member to be scanned.
It allows You as well to track cash payments for members or guests.
By selecting “Sell” you can create a payment for the product directly or you can assign it to a member.

Custom QR Code

The direct sales scenario allows you as well to customize the sale by changing the price and description and create a scannable QR Code on the fly.
This allows you to track any type of sale.

Sales process

Whenever a member confirms the payment a contract payment with the product description is generated and the owner receives notifications in the system.
The owner can then use the standard SEPA process to withdraw that payment together with the membership payment.
See previous news regarding SEPA email details.

Import Existing Catalogue

We built a convenient solution to allow You to import existing product catalogues.
Simply download the template Excel fill in your details and upload the file for import.

Inventory tracking

The product catalogue allows the setup of inventory counts which are adjusted when items are sold using the system.

Member Value

Tracking the sales directly for members enables You to have a better way of calculating the real value of Your member, as You know have a clear overview of total revenue.
If You haven’t used the revenue member list, then it will be even more important in the future.

How do I start?

  1. Sign up for Product Management on boxplanner
  2. Refresh Page
  3. Import existing catalogue or manually create products
  4. Optional Set-Up Stripe to allow other means of online payment

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