Trial Sessions / Registration on your own website

The integration of Box-planner into your own website for trial trainings or other appointments is easy and also possible for different languages.

Setup / Preparation

In the system it is necessary to activate the type of hour (track) for external integration. This is done via the “Public” switch. After the switch is activated, the link for the website integration is shown.

Another necessary step is to enable DropIns the classes of the corresponding track.

After the track is configured, classes enabled for DropIns and the classes are open for registration, you can open the integration link and get all classes shown as selection. After confirming an appointment, a simple contact form for the user is presented.

The displayed mask can be adjusted by simple switches in the URL.
URL/de -> Display language in German
URL/en -> Display language in English
URL/de/true -> Display language in German and hide the track description text
URL/en/true -> Display language in English and hide the track description text

Video Tutorial


Marcos / Reply

How do you use this in the theme. Do I need a plugin to make it work? Ceil Cort Marcos

    boxplanner / Reply

    You can simply integrate it into your website and style it with CSS

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