Product Catalogue & Sales

Product Catalogue

The system has now a product and inventory management which allows retail and member sales.

The system allows product creations including variants with options.
For example you can create a product “T-Shirt” and then setup options size (s ,m, l) and color(red, blue) and this creates all variants which you can then sell at different prices and track inventory numbers.

Product setup is done by an owner, but trainers have access to the product catalogue to be able to “sell” the products to your members.

Self Service QR Code Sales

If you are currently selling drinks to members and have to either collect money or even handle a separate list you are wasting a lot of time you could be coaching.

Every product variant can be sold using a QR code which is generated by the system.
The member can use their smartphone camera and scan the QR code which either leads to the website where they have to login to confirm the payment.
Using the mobile apps to scan the QR codes is possible too.

One scenario where the QR Code comes in very handy is by placing them on a fridge to allow members directly scan the QR Codes and create payments in their contracts.
If you need someone to hand out the goods, then a confirmation on the mobile can be used for verification.

Direct Cash Sales for products

Using the product catalogue not only allows you to you show a QR Code to a member to be scanned.
It allows You as well to track cash payments for members or guests.
By selecting “Sell” you can create a payment for the product directly or you can assign it to a member.

Custom QR Code

The direct sales scenario allows you as well to customize the sale by changing the price and description and create a scannable QR Code on the fly.
This allows you to track any type of sale.

Sales process

Whenever a member confirms the payment a contract payment with the product description is generated and the owner receives notifications in the system.
The owner can then use the standard SEPA process to withdraw that payment together with the membership payment.
See previous news regarding SEPA email details.

Import Existing Catalogue

We built a convenient solution to allow You to import existing product catalogues.
Simply download the template Excel fill in your details and upload the file for import.

Inventory tracking

The product catalogue allows the setup of inventory counts which are adjusted when items are sold using the system.

Member Value

Tracking the sales directly for members enables You to have a better way of calculating the real value of Your member, as You know have a clear overview of total revenue.
If You haven’t used the revenue member list, then it will be even more important in the future.

How do I start?

  1. Sign up for Product Management on boxplanner
  2. Refresh Page
  3. Import existing catalogue or manually create products
  4. Optional Set-Up Stripe to allow other means of online payment

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Resource Management


The system allows the set up of different rooms which can be used to further classify the schedule location.

Rooms list with basic details

Every room can be customized and allows the owner to:

  • Activate / Deactivate
  • Change the name
  • Add a description
  • Set a color
  • Enable it as search filter
Room editing view


The system allows the set up of different tracks, which can be used to further classify the schedule.

Tracks list with basic details

Every track can be customized and allows the owner to:

  • Change the name
  • Add a description
  • Set a color
  • Enable it as search filter
  • Enable external Access more details…
Tracks editing view

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Trial Sessions / Registration on your own website

The integration of Box-planner into your own website for trial trainings or other appointments is easy and also possible for different languages.

Setup / Preparation

In the system it is necessary to activate the type of hour (track) for external integration. This is done via the “Public” switch. After the switch is activated, the link for the website integration is shown.

Another necessary step is to enable DropIns the classes of the corresponding track.

After the track is configured, classes enabled for DropIns and the classes are open for registration, you can open the integration link and get all classes shown as selection. After confirming an appointment, a simple contact form for the user is presented.

The displayed mask can be adjusted by simple switches in the URL.
URL/de -> Display language in German
URL/en -> Display language in English
URL/de/true -> Display language in German and hide the track description text
URL/en/true -> Display language in English and hide the track description text

Video Tutorial

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Copy & Paste Wods or Description?

Ever wanted to quickly add a workout or have a more detailed structured description?

Now You can!

The latest update enables you add a more detailed multi line “Postfix” on any exercise.
With the “Custom” Exercise you can simply add any text in the Postfix field with line breaks and it will be presented the same way in Workouts and Checkin. Additionally the “Custom” is now removed from the description.

Copy & Paste Workout

You can still select specific tracking for the whole segment, but won’t be able to specifically search for the details of the exercise.

Try it out and let us know what you think.


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SEPA Handling

With today’s release we are introducing the first version of SEPA handling within boxplanner.
Box Owners can now define predefined values which will be used for member SEPA mandates and in the next step for full or semi automatic payments.

Within the Box Settings a new Tab is available to Set up predefined values for SEPA such as Creditor Identification, a Mandate Identification Template and a description which is used for the member SEPA mandate.

Additionally the to be used bank account details and a default remittance text can be supplied too.




Once the Box setup is complete, the user will have automatically prefilled fields when creating a new SEPA mandate.
The member or owner can set up the member mandate under Contracts & Payments and once added the information when the SEPA mandate is valid from is directly visible.





The member SEPA document includes all necessary information to handle automatic payments.
 The first values are automatically provided by the Box Settings. Address information is copied from the user profile for convenience.







These are the preparation steps for the new Premium feature auf full and semi automatic SEPA payments. Full automatic SEPA payments will be handled through a payment provider, while semi automatic SEPA payments will be handled through an XML download. The resulting XML can then be imported into your banking software of choice or directly send to the bank depending on bank support.

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New Subscription Pricing

Continuous Development and Support of the Platform is our goal and this is only possible with a viable business model. With today’s release we are changing the limits for the free usage of box-planner.

Gym’s and Boxes who want to use the Basic Version will have to subscribe to the Basic Service within the Box Settings. Prices start as low as 10€ per month and are depending on the amount of members.
The Premium Subscription which is possible in addition to the Basic Version is now reduced for Boxes over 200 members to just 0,20€ per member. To see exactly your payment just navigate to your Box Settings.
The following image describes the Price calculation.

Gym’s and Boxes which have more than 10 members that don’t subscribe to any of our plans will be disabled shortly.

Disabled Box

With your commitment we’ll be able to continue improving your favorite management and WOD tracking platform.

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Final results are in for the CrossFit Games Open 2015

The The CrossFit Games Open is history and the results are in.
We are pleased to announce the following winners:

Women RxD:
1st – Lisa Lettner – 8 Points – Crossfit Innsbruck
2nd – Sarah Tuertscher – 18 Points – Crossfit Innsbruck
3rd – Ann-Kathrin Kalski – 21 Points –

Men RxD:
1st – Maximilian Henze – 10 Points –
2nd – Miguel Tereno – 19 Points – CrossFit Oniria
3rd – Maximilian Peterlechner – 46 Points – CrossFit 4020

Congratulations to all that have taken part!


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Current Standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.4

Here are the current standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.4.

These are the standings for single WOD 15.4, not the overall standings ! Score submission for all Open Wods is still open until Sunday, 5th April.
On Monday 6th we will do the final score rating over all workouts and announce the winners !

On the side of the men Maximilian Henze from CrossFit SG (Hannover, Germany) currently leads 15.4. He scored 119 reps.

On the side of the women this time Sarah Türtscher from CrossFit Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria) managed to get in front of “default” leader Lisa Lettner with a super score of 74 reps.

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Current Standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.3

Here are the current standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.3.

These are the standings for single WOD 15.3, not the overall standings ! The overall standing will be announced after all scores are in the system.

On the side of the men a new player appeared in the competition: Maximilian Henze from CrossFit SG (Hannover, Germany). He scored incredible 527 reps for the workout and finished the last two workouts in the Top 10 of the European Region !!!

On the side of the women it’s again Lisa Lettner from CrossFit Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria) who leads with super 317 reps.

Congratulations to both athletes for the great scores !

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Current Standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.2

Here are the current standings for CrossFit Open WOD 15.2.

These are the standings for single WOD 15.2, not the overall standings ! The overall standing will be announced after all scores are in the system.

Simba Oostdam from CrossFit SG (Hannover, Germany) leads for the men with 135 reps and Lisa Lettner from CrossFit Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria) leads for the women with 142 reps.

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